31 Awesome Ideas to Stay Focused and Be Productive As A Mom

Motherhood is hard. Like really hard. And there's no manual for helping us through it either. There's no one size fits all instruction guide for raising babies and keeping the home in running order. That's why I developed this list of 31 awesome ideas to stay focused and be productive as a mom. Even if you are not a stay at home mom, I really think some of the things on this list will benefit you as well.

The Truth about Drinking while Breastfeeding

Are people wrong to drink and breastfeed? Is it really actually harmful? While most will agree that drinking while pregnant is a no-go, the jury is still out on whether or not it’s okay while breastfeeding. Read what experts are saying about this controversial topic.

41 Things Mom Told You That Aren’t True

Sometimes in order to get kids to do things, eat things or tell the truth ... parents have to get a little creative. We tell kids things like "don't swallow bubble gum or it will stay in your body for 7 whole years!" ...Parents are allowed to tell little white lies every now and then, right? Come reminisce with me about all the things that our parents told us that just aren’t true!

11 Essentials You Seriously Need in Your Diaper Bag

Packing a diaper bag for the first time can be a little bit overwhelming. When I packed my first bag, I think I packed everything but the kitchen sink! But now, instead of lugging around a heavy and overpacked bag, I think I've finally managed to narrow it all down to just the essentials.