9 Toys for Development that your 6 month old will love!

Ah, 6 months old. So far, this is my favorite age (First time mom, here!). Babies are finally getting old enough to do more than drool, cry and sleep! They can actually giggle, play and (possibly) move around a little.

With babies, playtime isn’t just playtime. It’s how they learn and develop their sensory and motor skills. Also, your baby might be teething at this age. Choosing toys that will help soothe the gums (and are not a choking hazard) is a good idea.

Below are 9 great developmental toys to entertain, soothe and teach your 6 month old.

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9 Toys for Baby Development

Sophie the Giraffe

This toy helps develop more than one of your baby’s senses. It helps three! Vision, Hearing, and Taste. The contrasting colors of the body and spots provide visual stimulation. The squeak of the toy will draw the attention of your baby, developing the ears. The giraffe also has multiple chewable parts like the ears, horns and legs which makes this an excellent teething toy.

This has been a popular teether for decades. It is made of 100% natural rubber from the Havea Tree. So, you can be sure that when your baby puts this in his/her mouth, there aren’t any chemicals going in there too. Check out the pricing here.

Fisher Price Stacking Cups

These are excellent for developing fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Your baby can practice stacking them up or knocking them down. Further down the road, use them to teach your baby colors and size differences. Check out the pricing here.

VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker

While your baby probably isn’t ready to take their first steps yet, they will still thoroughly enjoy sitting with this detachable activity center and playing with all of the lights and sounds it makes. Your little one can discover animals, colors, music, shapes and numbers with this activity center. There is even an attached phone to encourage your baby to grasp things and begin role playing with his/her imagination. Check out the pricing here.

Fisher Price Jumperoo

This adjustable jumperoo is sure to entertain your little one with lights and sound and plenty of activities to go around. That is, go around with its 360 degree swivel seat. It has a 3 step adjustment to grow with your baby. All that jumping your baby will do in this jumperoo is sure to give them a great workout. It also has bright and colorful hanging toys to develop those senses. You will also find soothing teether toys to keep your baby extra happy. Check out the pricing here.

Nuby Ice Gel Teether Keys

This doctor recommended (as per Amazon’s description) BPA Free teething toy is excellent for your teething baby. These keys contain nontoxic pureIce gel that helps it to stay cold for longer. I usually put this toy in the freezer overnight and my daughter loves it! She especially loves the different textures and bright colors. It’s easy for her to grip, which aslo also helps with coordination. Being that this is the most affordable toy on this list, check out the pricing here.

Elephant Minky Lovey

I just love a good lovey, and so does my daughter. Being a cuddly toy and security blanket all in one, it’s sure to be your little one’s favorite addition. I particularly like this minky one because it’s so soft and who doesn’t love elephants? You can find just about any animal you desire, though. Check out the pricing here.

Stacking Ring Learning Toy

This is a new spin on a classic toy. Everyone has seen the classic rainbow colored stacking ring toy, but this one adds contrasting colors and different textures. So in addition to developing the hand-eye coordination, your baby will get visual and sensory stimulation, too. After reading the reviews, it is said that this toy is also made from products known to be BPA-Free. Check out pricing here.

Fisher Price Deluxe Kick n’ Play Piano Gym

Hanging toys are a baby’s best friend. This toy has all that and then some. Bright colors, music and even a hanging mirror are sure to bring a smile to your little one’s face from this activity center. It will also encourage the development of sensory and motor skills for your baby and maybe provide a little workout with all that kicking on the piano. Check out pricing here.

My First Soft Book

Of course reading to your baby is essential for language development, so why not check out these nontoxic crinkle cloth books? These washable, durable, thick cotton books are great for sensory development and story time. This particular set comes with 6 books and 6 different themes. The touchable features, bright colors and easy to grab books are sure to help your little one grow and develop into a smart little baby. Check out pricing here.

I really hope you enjoyed reading this list of 9 toys for development that your 6 month old will love.

Are there any toys on this list that you recommend that I haven’t mentioned? Let me know in the comments below!

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