31 Awesome Ideas to Stay Focused and Be Productive As A Mom

Motherhood is hard. Like really hard. And there’s no manual for helping us through it either. There’s no one size fits all instruction guide for raising babies and keeping the home in running order. That can make some days pretty stressful. If you’re a stay at home mom, it can make things lonely or tiresome. As great as it sounds to sit on the couch all day in yoga pants… it can get old fast.


That’s why I developed this list of 31 awesome ideas to stay focused and be productive as a mom. Even if you are not a stay at home mom, I really think some of the things on this list will benefit you as well.

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31 Awesome Ideas to Stay Focused & Be Productive As A Mom

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Get on a schedule/routine.

This is essential. Children do best on a routine. And it helps keeps (most of) the chaos away by being consistent and everyone knowing what to expect.
Being on a routine gets me in a rhythm which helps me to remember everything I have to do for the day.

Have a daily to do list.

Its important to know at the beginning of your day, what needs to be accomplished. It’s also an amazing feeling to be able to kick your feet up at the end of the day and check off all the boxes on your tasks list.

Side note: does anyone else enjoy adding something to the to do list that you’ve already completed for the sole purpose of immediately crossing it off? No? Just me. Okay. I get a weird enjoyment out of crossing things off the list.

Make yearly, monthly & weekly goals to accomplish.

Goals give you something to work towards. They give you a focal point and motivation to keep working. You’re also more likely to achieve a goal if you write it down. That’s a fact.

So, sit down and think of some things you’d like to see accomplished in the future. Is there a hobby you’d like to get back into? Is there a home improvement project you’d like to work on? Or is there something you’d like to budget for and save money?
Write it down.

Write everything down. Get a notepad or use your phone.

If you think it’s easy to comfort a screaming baby, make sure the house is clean and remember to call so-and-so back… you’re wrong. Thank goodness for the assistant in my phone, otherwise I would never remember to do anything.

If you’re a little old school or just really like adorable notebooks and planners, then write down reminders and put them on the fridge or a cork board or wherever you’re bound to see it.

Get a planner.

I’m kind of a planner junkie. I get alot of enjoyment out of writing down tasks, writing my meal plans, and decorating it with cute stickers. Even if you aren’t into all the extras and buy a basic planner from the dollar store, it helps to keep track of tasks and important dates.

If you’ve been looking to invest in a great planner, I highly recommend the Plum Paper Planner. It is the most customizable planner with different sections that you can add like blog planners, baby trackers, meal planning, budgeting and more. You can add your name to the cover with your favorite quote and choose various cover designs, fonts and more. They have an email referral program with a coupon. If you’d like this coupon, send me an email (chelle@supersahm.com) so I can reply to your email with the link.

Plan ahead for the morning, the night before.

Get the kids clothes picked out, pull meat for dinner out of the freezer and into the fridge, program the coffee maker and look over your agenda. You can even be extra proactive and prep breakfast and just reheat in the morning. All of this can help future mommy tomorrow.

Meal plan for the week or month.

I can’t stress enough how awesome meal planning is. It saves you time, money and your sanity.

If you’ve ever asked your husband or kids, “what do you want for dinner,” and are met with mixed responses, I dunno’s or you just end up spending too much money at the restaurant then here is your solution.

Check out: The Lazy Mama’s Guide to Meal Planning

Get chores done early in the day.

Now obviously if you have a baby, it’s very difficult to just set aside your morning for cleaning. They want to be held and fed, seemingly all day long. But if possible, getting the chores done early will give you more peace later. You will have less to worry about when it’s time to bathe the kids, cook dinner and prep for tomorrow.

Clean a little bit every day.

Don’t set one day a week aside for cleaning. You will stress yourself out and the piles of laundry and dishes will overwhelm you and seemingly never end. Instead, set aside just one hour a day for cleaning to do a little bit everyday.

If you try to tackle everything at once, chances are that you’ll get burnt out quick or get interrupted and never get back to it. So just a little bit every day sounds like a better plan.

Clean as you go.

When you’re cooking, cleaning as you go will make everything so much easier. Also, make sure kids clean up toys as soon as they’re done.

Load the dishwasher immediately as you’re done with dishes and wipe down the counters once dinner is in the oven. All of these things will make cleaning much less of a burden later.

Never go to bed with a messy kitchen.

Maybe this is just me, but seeing a clean kitchen when I wake up and get my coffee puts me in a good mood.

If I wake up and see dishes and food everywhere, it immediately stresses me out thinking of all the things I have to do today plus scrubbing dinner dishes because they sat out all night. So, I always wipe down the counters and start the dishwasher as needed before I go to bed.

If the baby likes to be held, wear your baby to get chores done

When my baby was only a month or two old, this is the only way I could accomplish anything. I put my daughter in the carrier and she goes right to sleep.

If your baby is super cuddly [needy] too, then just carry them with you and clean away!

Make the bed, first thing

There is something about making the bed that just sets a good tone for the day. I used to think, what’s the point if I’ll just crawl back into bed later? But, making the bed as soon as I wake up just puts me in a happy and productive mindset.

Get dressed

If I get dressed, it puts me in the mood to be more productive instead of lounging around in torn up yoga pants and a baggy t-shirt all day. Yes, sometimes I do ignore this one. But if I have a busy day ahead of me, putting on jeans instead of yoga pants encourages me to be up moving instead of sitting on the couch.

Wake up before your children

This one is hard. Easier said than done. But just waking up 30 minutes or an hour before my baby is essential. I need some me time with my coffee before I get to business.
During this time, I will have my coffee and do my daily Bible Study. Then, if I still have time I will shower and get dressed.

Eat a healthy breakfast

Or just eat any breakfast. It’s the most important meal of the day, so they say.
I eat a bowl of oatmeal topped with a little bit of ground flax seed every morning. This is a great breakfast to boost breastmilk supply

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Do something for yourself.

Do a face mask, get a mani/pedi or read a good book. Just do something that makes you feel good.

Meditate, have a daily devotional, pray, or write in a journal

Its important to clear your mind and recharge yourself. You don’t have to be religious to do this. Just writing your thoughts in a journal can be therapeutic.

I used to think meditation was just the latest trending fad, but after some time I have noticed that it helps with focus and clearing the negative thoughts from my mind.

Have a set quiet time/nap time

With a newborn, this might be difficult until you figure out a schedule that works. But just having any quiet time during the day is better than just working hard from morning till night.

Have a non-negotiable set bed time.
We turn down the lights and start calming down at 8pm every night. My baby is slowly getting the hang of it and we are almost there for mastering a sleep schedule.

Also, if you go to bed at the same time every night, eventually you will wake up around the same time each morning. This makes it so much easier to plan your day.

Limit screen time for children and yourself

Everyone has an opinion about limiting screen time and I’m not here to say which opinion is right or wrong. But it is nice to get the kids (and yourself) outside to play once in a while. And if you are inside on the computer or television and telling the kids to go outside, this is not a good example.
Get outside, get some fresh air together. Or, cut off electronics before bed and read a story book together.

Read to your child every night

I’ve been reading to my baby since she was 2 weeks old. It’s great for language development to read to your infant. And it’s a good bonding time to cuddle with your baby and a good Dr Seuss book.

Have dedicated and uninterrupted time spent with your kids

Sit in the floor and play with your kids. Build a blanket fort. Go to the park. Have a tea party. Play dress up. These moments are the ones they will remember and cherish.

Have dedicated and uninterrupted time spent with your husband

Don’t forget to give time for your marriage. After the kids go to bed, give your husband some attention. Relationships need constant nourishment.

And I highly recommend reading, The Five Love Languages. This has helped me understand my husband so much!

At least once a week, have an unplugged family time

Have a movie night, talk at the dinner table, go for a walk. Use this time to connect with your children and to learn what’s going on in their lives. It’s so easy to get lost in technology and our busy every day lives and forget to just enjoy each other. Also, its just nice to have some time without cellphone and tablet lights around.

Stop trying to act like the perfect moms you see online

The grass is not greener on the other side. Its photoshopped! (I read that somewhere and I’m not sure where, but I thought it was pretty great)

Most people don’t air out their dirty laundry online, so of course their life looks perfect. I guarantee that it is most certainly not perfect. So just be the best YOU can be.

If you need help, just ask!

There is no shame in asking for help. No one can do everything all the time. Reach out to other moms on forums, Facebook groups or ask family.

Have Mom friends

Make play dates and be friends with other moms. Once you become a mom, your interests change and you’ll need someone who understands what you’re going through. And it’s nice to have actual adult conversation every now and then! Ha!

Get a hobby or side hustle

Start a blog, make and sell crafts, crochet a blanket, get involved in the community. Just find something you like to do to occupy your time and your mind.

Get out of the house

Cabin fever is a real thing. You’ll get stir crazy staring at the same scenery all day every day. It’s a good idea to go soak up some of that sunlight outside, or go run errands, walk around the mall, visit a friend or family member. Just save yourself from going crazy!

Be active and exercise

It’s so important to stay active and in shape. Work off that postpartum belly. Find something that you enjoy. Play a rec league sport, go to the gym or a fitness class, do some yoga, find a fitness instructor on YouTube and workout at home. The possibilities are endless. Just do something.

Did you enjoy these tips to stay focused and be productive as a mom? What are some ways that you stay focused and productive? Let me know in the comments below!

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