25+ Ways to Go Green At Home

Its not a new concept, trying to lower our environmental impact. While it does require a team effort to make a worldwide impact, one person can still make a small difference.
Being environmentally friendly doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated either. My favorite part about going green is that it goes hand in hand with being frugal! Just one small switch at a time can save you money in the long run.
Here are 28 easy ways that you can make a change and become a little greener in your home.

Easy Ways to Go Green In Your Home

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Save on heating and cooling

Change the thermostat a couple degrees higher or lower, depending on the season, to save on heating and cooling costs. Or install a programmable thermostat to save more.

Turn off the lights

When you leave a room, always be sure to turn out the lights. During the day, open the curtains to take advantage of the natural light.

Energy efficient light bulbs

When those incandescent bulbs burn out, consider replacing them With energy efficient bulbs. They might cost just a little bit more, but they last a lot longer and save you money on that electric bill.

Energy efficient appliances

When it comes time to replace or upgrade appliances, always look for the Energy Star label.

Unplug unused appliances

Consider unplugging appliances like the toaster or coffee maker when not in use. Or invest in a smart power strip with energy monitoring.

Wash clothes in cold, not hot.

Most of the energy your washing machine is using, goes toward heating the water. So consider washing in cold water instead of hot.

Use a clothesline

Hang the clothes out on the line to avoid using the dryer.

Shorter showers

Shorter showers mean conserving water. You could also consider upgrading to a low flow shower head.

Use reusable water bottle instead of disposable

Cut down on the use of plastic bottles by using a reusable water bottle. You can also bring a reusable coffee mug to the coffee shop and often they will reward you with a discount.

In some states, collect bottles and cans for cash

I remember growing up in Michigan where my mom and I would bring our empty soda bottles back to the grocery store to the machines for cash. As a child, I always begged my mom to let me put the bottles in the machine. It was fun for me. But when we moved to Tennessee, they didn’t have those machines. If you live in a state that does, this is a good way to recycle AND make a small amount of money back.

BYOB, Use reusable grocery bags

Use reusable grocery bags to cut down on all those plastic grocery bags lying around at home.

Walk or bike when feasible, or carpool

If you only have a couple miles to go, then biking is great! If a coworker lives nearby, carpool to work! You can take turns on who does the driving.

Support local economy and buy from the farmers market

Who doesn’t love fresh, organic produce? I think just going to the farmers market is a treat, but having fresh and local produce is also great!

Eat one meatless meal per week

Meat is expensive in the grocery store and there is a lot of environmental waste that goes into manufacturing these meats. So just one meatless meal per week is a good way to cut back.

Buy secondhand clothes and other items

Save money and avoid wasted packaging like plastic and tags by buying used from online or yard sales. This also cuts down on the need for huge manufacturing of brand new clothes. Just always be careful when meeting people you don’t know.

Borrow library books instead of buying

By borrowing library books, you can reduce the need for printed pages and ink and save yourself some moolah! If you insist on buying books, check out Thrift Books! It’s my favorite site for buying used books, cheap!! (They also have an app! And that’s not a sponsored link, I just really love them!)

Buy in bulk

Buying in bulk is a great way to reduce the use of packaging! Check out Sam’s Club or Costco!

Recycle electronics properly

Be mindful of the responsible ways to depose of electronics like cellphones or batteries and other potentially dangerous items. Whenever possible, seek out donations or recycle bins for these items.

Make your cleaning supplies

This is an easy and frugal way to go green. Most of the time, all you need is baking soda or vinegar!

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Plant a garden

Planting a garden is very rewarding, in my opinion. You don’t even have to start anything super huge or complicated. Just a veggie or two is awesome! Some plants are super easy to care for, no green thumb required. If I can do it, you can definitely do it. Trust me.

Create a compost bin

Throw normally disposed of items like coffee grounds or banana peels in a compost bin to use as fertilizer for that garden you started!

Pay bills online

Save on the use of paper checks or statements and set up bill payments online. Sign up for paperless billing also and get statements emailed to you instead.

Collect rainwater to water plants

You don’t need anything extravagant. Just a simple way to catch rainwater to water your plants without adding to the water bills.

Use cloth diapers, even once a day

I know this one sounds terrible, but even one cloth diaper used, saves 365 disposable diapers from the landfill each year!

Use cloth napkins instead of paper

Stop using paper towels and switch to cloth napkins. To save on money, you can even sew your own. It’s a suuuper easy project!

Repurpose glass jars for storage

Do you have old pasta jars lying around? Turn them into anything from pen holders to flower vases!

Upgrade insulation in windows and doors

Reinforce the insulation on your doors and windows, saving on heating and cooling costs.

Buy air purifying plants

Use plants to clean the air in your home and keep the bugs away! Not only do they keep your home healthier, but they look pretty too! Win, win!

I hope you enjoyed these tips for going green and saving money! Which tip was your favorite? Are you already doing some of these things? Let me know in the comments below!

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