27 Things To Do With Mom This Mothers Day

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Mother’s Day is just around the corner! Have you gotten your gift yet? If you’re like me, you are a procrastinator. I always wait until the last minute to do anything. It’s not something I’m proud of. It’s just who I am.

If you haven’t gotten a gift yet or don’t have Amazon Prime for 2 day shipping, you’re in luck! Wanna know why? Because what do Moms love more than candy or flowers?


Moms are sentimental and love to remember things you did with her. Moms like to remember the smiles and laughs and love together. Sure, I won’t complain if my husband comes home with roses and Reese’s, but what I really want is an experience.

If your mother is like most and she prefers the experiences over gifts, then keep reading because I’ve put together a list of things you can do for her or with her to make this Mothers Day her favorite one yet.

27 Things to Do With Mom This Mother's Day

Things To Do With Mom This Mothers Day

Go on a Shopping Spree

Take Mom to the mall, or to her favorite store. Shop til you drop! Tell her to pick out an outfit she loves (bonus points if you take her somewhere nice after to show off the outfit).

Take a Wine and Paint Class

I’ve never done this one before, but I’ve definitely been wanting to try it! These classes look like so much fun! Making a masterpiece plus drinking a little wine? What could be better?

Spend the day at the Hair Salon

Take Mom to get a nice blowout or try a new color and cut! What woman doesn’t love a day at the salon to feel pretty?

Get a Mani/Pedi

Take Mom to get your nails done together, and she will love you! There is nothing better than sitting in that massage chair with a glass of wine while getting a mani/pedi done (bonus points if you’re her son and getting your nails done together).

Take a Glamping Trip

Even if Mom isn’t all that outdoorsy, who can resist a comfortable night under the stars!? Check out a cabin or RV rental if tent camping isn’t your thing.

Cook a meal together

If Mom loves to cook, then join her in the kitchen to whip up some lunch or dinner. This is a great way to help her out, and spend some quality time together.

Take Mom to her favorite restaurant

If neither of you are all that good in the kitchen, or you just want an excuse to dress nice, take Mom out to her favorite restaurant for dinner. Let her order her favorite dessert.

Order Mom’s favorite Takeout Meal

Another idea, if you don’t want to cook or even leave the house, order some takeout and have a movie night in your pajamas. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that! Sometimes, sitting at home in pjs can be more enjoyable than going out! Use this link to order from GrubHub and save on your first order.

Go to the local flea market

Who doesn’t love to find a good deal? Go bargain hunting at the flea market and see what you can find!

Get some fresh air

Go for a walk in the park, a hike in the mountains, take a bike ride or go to the zoo! If it’s a nice day, go outside and do something fun together!

Work in the garden

Instead of buying a bouquet of flowers from the grocery store, why not buy Mom something she can enjoy year round? You could plant flowers, vegetables, or a tree that she can remember for years to come.

Treat Mom to a massage

Mom will love this! Treat her to a deep-tissue massage to work out all the stress she’s been under. She will leave feeling like a whole new woman!

Visit a local Winery

Take Mom for a wine tasting at a local winery. You’ll be supporting local businesses while having awesome wine and cheese. Don’t forget, you’ll need a wine opener for that bottle you bring home.

Have a tea party

This is a perfect excuse to get all dressed up, invite all the moms in your life and eat classy little finger sandwiches and scones. And Spring is the perfect season to host a tea party outside.

Go berry picking

With it being Spring and the weather being just warm enough, but not too warm, this is the perfect time to pick strawberries. It’s a fun activity and you can get some gorgeous and unfiltered instagram-able pictures!

Bake something together

You could bake a cake or cookies or better yet, a cookie cake! Spend time making a sweet treat with mom!

Spend time out on the water

Take the boat out, go tubing, take a swim, try kayaking, or fishing if that’s your thing. I’m from the south where summers are spent out on the lake. But you can definitely do some of this stuff in the Spring, too!

Go to the movies

Go see the latest movie and share some popcorn or candy. This is always a great go-to way to spend time together.

Have a binge watching day at home

If you’d rather lounge around the house (no judgement), then get comfy in your pajamas and have a Netflix binge day.

Get Mom some Bath Bombs for her to try

Who doesn’t love some fizzy and colorful bath bombs while taking a relaxing bath in the tub?

Try some new face masks together

This is something fun and relaxing that you can do together and have your face feeling fresh and clean. Who doesn’t love a soothing face mask to refresh and relax?

Let’s get crafty

Try a Do-It-Yourself project from Pinterest, or make some spring decor for the house, or design t-shirts. If you or your mom is a creative type, this idea can be a ton of fun!

Hire a professional photographer for a family photo shoot

What will Mom absolutely love to remember years from now? That time you got everybody dressed up for some gorgeous family photos! These can be as serious or as fun as you make it. (Bonus points if you get them printed into an album for her)

Make an at-home spa basket for Mom

If you don’t have to money to spend the day at the spa, bring the spa to mom. Make bath bombs, get some candles, scented lotion, and anything else that will put mom at ease. It’s a very thoughtful gift that she will love you for.

Plan a picnic

Take mom somewhere with a gorgeous view and have a picnic. You could go to the mountains, the park or any place she just loves to be.

Have a family game night

Oh I love this one. This idea usually brings a lot of laughter depending on the games you choose. And it gets the whole family together, so what could be better?

Do something from Mom’s Bucket List

If none of these ideas sound appealing, then just ask mom! What is something that she has always wanted to try? Go do that!

27 Things to Do With Mom This Mother's Day

I hope you enjoyed this list of things to do with your mom on Mother’s Day. What are some things that you like to do for your mom? Are you going to try anything from this list? Let me know in the comments below!

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