Your Spring Cleaning Guide to Avoiding Harsh Chemicals (Using Items Already Around the House)

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Alright, it’s Spring and you know what that means? It’s time for that once a year heavy duty cleaning of the home. Yay, right? If you’re anything like me, you’re dreading it too. But someone has to do it. Oh, the mixture of a heavy aroma of cleaning chemicals, bath & body works candles and the fresh air coming in from the open windows. What a time to be alive!

Well, instead of loading up on heavy chemicals with who-knows-what in them from the store, why not look for some products that you already have lying around at home? Some of these may surprise you. It’s amazing what you can do with coca-cola or a dryer sheet.

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Clean with products you may already have at home

Clean with lemon

Microwave mix some lemon juice and water in a bowl and heat for a couple minutes

Garbage disposal grind a few lemon rinds and then run the water

Wooden cutting board use half a lemon and coarse salt

Add to dish soap for a boost Because of the acidity of lemons, they’re helpful in washing dishes

Remove hard water stains use lemon juice to remove rings in the toilet, bathtub and water stains on the shower glass doors

Air freshener mix lemon juice in with homemade room sprays

Clean grill grates use the lemon juice and some heat to clean, but don’t burn yourself

Clean with vinegar

Microwave Mix vinegar and water and heat for a couple minutes. Let it cool and then wipe away exposed pasta sauce.

Coffee Maker run a cycle of vinegar followed by a few cycles of water to rinse

Dish washer place a cup of vinegar in the top rack and run a cycle

Mirrors and windows use just a little bit for a beautiful shine

Trash Can spray the can with a water/vinegar mixture to eliminate trash odors

Stove/Oven spray with vinegar and let it soak overnight to get the really baked on food stains

Sweaty Clothes in washing machine add a tiny bit to the wash to neutralize the smell

Clean with Baking Soda

Polish Silverware make a paste by adding water for a nice shine

Dishwasher sprinkle a little in the bottom of the dishwasher

Shower Curtain remove water and soap scum

Mattress Deodorizer sprinkle a little on the bed, let it sit a couple hours and then vacuum

Laundry Booster boost your colors in the wash with a little baking soda

Less Common Products for Cleaning

Clean with Hydrogen Peroxide

Remove Blood Stains

Use in place of bleach on whites

Kill mold in the bathroom

Toilet bowl cleaner

Clean with Toothpaste

Polish bathroom fixtures

Remove soap scum

Clean a curling iron or straightener

Clean the bottom of an iron

Make your car’s headlights shine again

Clean with Coca-Cola

Remove oil stains in the garage

Rust Remover

Clean the toilet stains

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Uncommon Cleaning Hacks

Use coffee filters in place of a towel on windows and mirrors for a streak-free finish

Use Dryer Sheets for dusting window blinds, ceiling fans and wood furniture to reduce the amount of dust that settles for next time.

Use coarse salt on a cast iron skillet, not soap

Dust your curtains with a cycle in the dryer

Use an old sock to dust blinds, and a pillowcase for dusting the ceiling fan

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What are your cleaning hacks? Do you use these products to clean your home? Let me know in the comments below.

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