Don’t Waste Your Money! 10 Baby Items You Need & 10 Baby Items You Can Skip

When you first discover those two faint lines on that pregnancy test, it’s hard not to envision a closet full of tiny baby onesies, a Pinterest-perfect nursery, and buying every adorable baby accessory that Target and Amazon offer. But the truth is, most of the stuff you think you need… you don’t actually need.
I wish someone would have told me that half of the stuff I spent my money on, I would never actually use after one or two uses. Then, there are some items that I really use that I wish I would have splurged for a nicer version or more of.
Everyone knows that money is tight when you have a baby. So, now that I’ve given birth and have been a mom for a little while, I’ve been able to compile a list of items to help other new moms learn which items you really need and really don’t need. Hopefully, this helps you when you create that Amazon and target registry and begin the baby shopping.
You Don’t Need It
  1. Wipe Warmer
First of all, and most importantly, it’s a fire hazard. Second, your baby doesn’t need to be that spoiled if we’re being completely honest. Regular non-heated wipes are just fine. Also, warm and wet equals a breeding ground for harmful bacteria and baby’s private areas are definitely not where we want that. I could go on, but you get it.

2. Diaper Genie

Refill bags can get very expensive. If you want to be frugal, like most parents do, (or are financially obligated to) just buy a trash can with a lid. Or, you can buy a cheaper version of a diaper pail that uses regular trash bags such as the diaper champ.

3. Bath Thermometer
Just use the back of your hand or another sensitive skin area to test the water. When choosing the water temperature, just use common sense. Enough said.

4. Baby Powder
From what I’ve gathered, nobody really knows what it’s used for anyway. Some parents use it for diaper changes, but it’s not necessary.

5. Baby Shoes
Your baby won’t be walking for a while, so until then, it’s pretty pointless to spend the money on these. Baby socks are good enough for now.

6. Name Brand Clothes
Babies make messes. They also stain clothes and they grow really fast. So, I don’t really recommend splurging on that brand name romper. There is no shame in buying used or from the clearance section, or getting hand-me-downs.

7. Crib Bumpers and bed sets
While crib bumpers do make any crib look completely adorable, they are not recommended because they are a suffocation hazard. Also, when your baby is super little, pillows and blankets are not recommended either for the same reason. All you need is a mattress protector and a bed sheet for a while.

8. Swaddles
I’ve used actually used these swaddle blankets and I was not a fan. I’d rather just use a regular baby throw blanket.

9. Baby Detergent
Anything labeled “for baby” is automatically more expensive. So there’s no need to buy the name brand baby Detergent. As long as you buy a detergent that is dye-free and scent-free, you’ll be okay.

10. A ton of newborn onesies and diapers
I know it’s hard to resist every adorable tiny newborn onesie you see, but there’s a chance your baby will never get to wear them. The same goes for diapers. Many babies are born too big. They could also be sensitive to certain brands of diapers. So, you might want to wait until after birth for stocking up on these.
Can’t Live Without It
  1. Video Baby Monitor
Baby monitors are great for giving you some peace of mind when your baby is finally sleeping in their own room. A video monitor is even better so you can actually see your little one instead of just hearing them.

2. Baby Carrier
If you ever want to use both of your hands again, this is a must in my opinion. My baby is going through a phase where she only naps in my arms or while being carried. I’m trying to break the habit, but this carrier definitely helps during the day when I need to clean the house.

3. White Noise
White noise is amazing for helping the baby sleep. But don’t waste money on a machine. There are plenty of apps and youtube videos for free that are available.

4. Breast Pump
If you breastfeed at all, this is a must-have. Check with your insurance to see if they will send you one for free. That’s how I received mine.

5. Nipple Cream
You will need this for sure if you breastfeed. When I first started, my nipples were so dry and sore. The cream is a godsend to help with that.

6. Nose Sucker
There are many different kinds of nose suckers, like a syringe or nose Freda. You’ll definitely need one.

7. Mattress Protector
For those middle of the night leaky diapers, a waterproof mattress Protector is a must-have.

8. Car seat Cover/Nursing Cover
A car seat cover is so handy in keeping the rain, bright sun or wind off your baby. Also, it doubling as a breastfeeding cover makes a life out in public a little easier.

9. Boppy Pillow
In the hospital, I’m not sure what I would have done without a boppy pillow. My arms got so tired from breastfeeding. The the pillow was definitely a lifesaver.

10. Backpack Diaper Bag
There are many types of diaper bags, but a backpack is just more functional over fashionable. There are pretty purses and bulky diaper bags, but a backpack is so much easier to carry.
Of course, there may be other items that you can’t live without that I forgot to mention on this list, like maybe a baby swing or tummy time mat or butt cream. With so many different baby products out there, it’s hard to cover it all.

What are some of your ride or die baby products? What are some products that you think aren’t necessary? Leave your answers in the comments below.