11 Essentials You Seriously Need in Your Diaper Bag

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Packing a diaper bag for the first time can be a little bit overwhelming. When I packed my first bag, I think I packed everything but the kitchen sink! I would constantly be running through a mental checklist in my head to be sure that I had everything I needed for my daughter, and then some. But now, instead of lugging around a heavy and overpacked bag, I think I’ve finally managed to narrow it all down to just the essentials.

If you find yourself in the same situation of over packing or you just have no idea what to pack at all, then keep reading. I’m here to save you from the headache (and sore shoulders) that I suffered through at the beginning of my mom journey.

Essential number 1: Diapers

Obviously, you don’t want to be without diapers in your diaper bag. I suggest packing at least 1 diaper for every hour that you’ll be out. You never know what could happen.


Essential Number 2: Wipes

With Diapers, you need wipes. How else would you clean up that poopy mess? Bonus: You can clean up more than just poop with wipes; i.e. spills, spit up, etc.


Essential Number 3: Extra Outfit

Just like I said about packing a ton of diapers, you never know what could happen. So, pack an extra outfit for your baby! With spit up, leaky diapers or a food/milk spillage; accidents are bound to happen. You might even want an extra shirt for yourself, just in case.


Essential Number 4: Burp Rag

Save yourself from spit up and baby puke! Or, try to anyway! Welcome to Mom Life! You’ll want one or two of these at all times.


Essential Number 5: Changing Mat

Public bathroom changing tables are gross. And there is nothing worse than laying your newborn baby on a cold and dirty surface. Also, you might need this if there isn’t a changing table available, like in the car.


Essential Number 6: Plastic Bags

If you are in a spot where there isn’t a trash can readily available, you’ll want a plastic bag to tie up that stinky diaper; not only for the smell but also to avoid a soiled diaper bag.

Essential Number 7: Pacifier

Pacifiers are the best when you’re out in public and your baby starts crying. I always make sure to have one with me at church, the grocery store, etc.


Essential Number 8: Hand Sanitizer

When you have a baby, everyone wants to come to see and touch and hold them. So, a little hand sanitizer will help a lot. And don’t worry about being that mom. They’ll either understand or get over it.


Essential Number 9: Nursing Pads

If you are breastfeeding, then you know that leaks happen. Most of the time, it happens at a very inconvenient time (not that there is actually a convenient time for that at all). So, something to prevent milk stains on your shirt will definitely come in handy.


Essential Number 10: Car seat / Nursing Cover

A car seat cover comes in handy for keeping the wind, rain and bright sun off of your baby. But doubling as a nursing cover will not only cut down on things you need to carry in your bag but also help out when you’re in a crowded place and baby’s hunger strikes.


Essential Number 11: Sunscreen

Your baby’s skin is super sensitive, so you’ll definitely want to be sure and protect it from the sun’s harmful rays.


Bonus: Optional Extras

Snacks and water bottle


Baby Sling Carrier

Diaper Rash Cream

First Aid Kit

So there’s my list of essentials any diaper bag would be incomplete without. Is there something you can’t live without that I’ve forgotten or didn’t mention? Let me know in the comments below!